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I’m an aspiring Naturopath from Melbourne, Australia, and this is my place to inspire others and to explore how we can all keep living our healthiest, happiest life.

My interest in health and wellbeing was first ignited when I realised I could not control what events occurred or what others did around me, but I could choose to be healthy. With health, I hoped would come a source of happiness, quality of life and fulfilment. Certainly, at times I feel this way, but we are never completely healthy every moment of our lives. It’s an ongoing, dynamic process. I might be fit and healthy today, but tomorrow, I have to wake up and choose to continue. This is so much easier to do when you are being kind to yourself and feeding your body what it needs to function at its best.

Food is very emotional for me. I know all the science about the damaging effects of processed sugars, rancid fats and high salt intakes, but I don’t hate the foods that contain them. I once tried to make myself hate them so that it would be easier to say no. But how could I hate my grandmother’s chocolate lamingtons that evoke my childhood memories? This is what I call ‘soul food’, that food that satisfies your mental health. As long as it is eaten mindfully, there’s nothing unhealthy about a bit of cake or fried food every now and then. It doesn’t sell millions of books, but the key really is balance.

We must not deprive ourselves of anything, because this makes the brain think there is a famine and can lead to binge-eating. This is a survival mechanism, since your body thinks you’re starving. When you repeat the idea to yourself that food is abundant and you are free to eat whatever you like, no type of food has any value over another food. You tune in to what your body truly needs and your natural hunger regulation can resume. Healing food relationships in this way is a big passion of mine, as my own relationship with food was a struggle for many years.

This is the recipe I am following in my life for now, but as always, health is a continuous, ever-changing journey. I hope to inspire you to live a life nourished by more than just food.

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